Feng Shui


In modern times, the term feng shui is called the placement of different objects in a space, so that there is good energy. In Chinese feng shui means air and water and this name was given by the two most important features of a plot, namely air (affected by forests or mountains, etc.) and water (rivers, lakes, etc.).

The philosophy of feng shui is a system of traditional Chinese geomancy.

The philosophy of feng shui is common both in its ancient and modern form. The common ground is that everything is composed of the energy called qi(chi). This action can take the forms of 5 basic elements: water, fire, wood, metal and earth. These 5 elements interact and interrelate.

According to Chinese philosophy, man is related to the environment and interacts with it. In ancient Chinese medicine, all diseases come from disharmony in human qi(chi). Each vital organ corresponds to one of the 5 qi(chi) elements. Medicine may be some food that gives proper qi(chi), move to a correct qi(chi) area, place a correct qi(chi) object, and so on.

As a geopathic stress, we mean the consequences that our body can have on long-term living in areas affected by negative geo-radiation. These are inconsistent with our physiology, thus disrupting our natural energy field and affecting our health.

Chinese, thousands of years ago, ancient Greeks, as well as other ancient civilizations, knew the presence of such geo-radiation. Animals still recognize the energies of space. Dogs always choose the best place at home. They will never sit in a negative geo-radiation location. They know that the energy hurts them there. The same applies to horses, sheep, mice and other animals.

Unfortunately, this knowledge has been lost over time and in the modern age it has weakened the instinct that guides us to distinguish what benefits us or not. But we can revive this instinct. It is a useful tool not only for the detection of geopathic fields, but to distinguish anything beneficial or harmful. Not generally and vaguely, but specifically what is good for us, compatible with our own body. The general rules are not enough, as it is known “the drug of one may be a poison to another”.

Here also comes to complete this ancient science the Quantum Feng Shui, a science measuring the space and the man himself with the EDUCTOR device and also cleaning the space energetically and taking care in conjunction with the feng shui being studied and performed by the feng shui specialist in neutralizing the geopathic stress and activating points of the space for better health, love, prosperity, abundance and much more.