Quantum Iasis’ mission is to help as many people as possible to achieve peak performance in all areas of their lives, for better health, wellness, strength, energy, clarity of mind, happiness, joy, and much more.



Through Quantum Biofeedback and its technology, this is possible.  Through the Quantum Biofeedback devices EDUCTOR/INDIGO, stressors and causes of the pathogens are detected.  The body is then trickle-charged to perform stress reduction on these causes, trauma therapy, brain wave training and pain management and thus achieving peak performance in all areas.  Since it is well known that stress is a cause of over 80% of health issues, through Quantum Biofeedback, various stressors are reduced thus enabling the body to recover to its biochemical and electrical homeostasis.


In the following chapters, the technology of Quantum Biofeedback is explained, what it can do, and how QUANTUM IASIS can cooperate with various industries and people to achieve the mission





                                                 SCOPE OF PRACTICE


 As a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Malvina Anninou has a fundamental understanding of the physiological and psychological relationships between presenting problems and the causal and physiological dysfunction causing or contributing to them.  Additionally, as a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Malvina Anninou is successful in helping patients deal with stress or lifestyle concerns, including nutrition, daily habits, etc.  She provides lifestyle advice concerning nutrition and habits, relaxation training, muscle toning re-education, meditation, exercise, networking, stress adjustment and other over-the-counter safe and evidenced based drugless therapies.  Malvina Anninou, as a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist treats patients with any concern, but does not treat or diagnose diseases directly. Only Medical Doctors do this.  As a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Malvina Anninou works within the medical system and with other clinicians with safety and professionalism.

With the scope of her practice, she works to achieve insight into reducing the causes of disease, insight into triggers of suffering, insight into finding networks for good communication and insight into developing Wellness.  Through her knowledge and technology of EDUCTOR/INDIGO, she performs a good competent psychophysiological recording and increase networking skills, self-awareness and responsibility of a patient, in addition to making complete reports of each session.  With each session, VARHOPE, TVEP EPR reactions are used and noted as well as how the body electric responds to rectification.



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