The Slim Concept


The Slim Concepy is designed for maximum efficiency based on customer comfort and safety. The effectiveness of the Slim Concept is based on a program of 10 smartly designed and configured therapies. It has 120 preset treatments. The Slim Concept combines and configures currents depending on muscle strength and body shape.



Breakdown of the fat deposit

Improving the tonality and elasticity of the subcutaneous tissue

Discharge from fluid retention

Removal of toxins



Activate muscles to increase circulation of blood and lymph

Immediate positive reaction of the muscles without physical exercise

Replace physical exercise!

Activation of metabolism


Firming and Toning

Tissue reconstruction

Improved tissue tonality

Increase blood circulation

Strengthening tissues


Natural Therapy

Increase the healing potential of damaged tissues

Anti-inflammatory action

Regeneration of tendons and soft tissues

Analgesic action

Muscular strengthening